Welcome to the 2021/22 school year. We are so excited to continue our work as a successful Orange County Charter school! It is so exciting to be getting back to a bit of normalcy.  I am so proud of what our students overcame this last school year. It is my honor to be working with your child in Reading and Language Arts.  Being in the education field for over 28 years I have experienced that the best learning comes from listening, participation, and respect.  It is my goal to provide each and every student with the confidence needed for success, in and out of the classroom. My expectations of the students involve one thing: RESPECT.  We respect each other and everyone who enters our room.  This enables the students to have a safe, effective learning environment.  Involvement throughout the learning process is the responsibility of the student and parent.  It will benefit your child if you regularly monitor Skyward and keep open communication.